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새해 복 많이 받으세요! Happy lunar new year! It’s the start of the year of the snake and the end of the year the dragon. 2012 was a crazy year for us. Sunnie started a new job, we moved, and then welcomed our son, Tevyn, into the world less than a month after relocating!


In Korea, the traditional first big celebration for a new baby is the 100th day celebration, 100 days after the baby is born. Families have a big feast and invite friends and family over to celebrate the birth. We of course had to do the same and cooked up a vegan Korean feast for our guests.

100-Days 7

We had many of our favorite dishes at the celebration, including japchae

100-Days 5

and soy curl bulgogi

100-Days 4

mung bean pancakes

100-Days 3



and green onion pancakes

green onion pancakes

kim-mari, fried seaweed rolls


and a variety of rice cakes, along with yak-gwa cookies

korean rice cakes


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