Graveyard Races: A PETA Undercover Investigation

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Please click HERE to end similar cruel races in the US.

Background | Source PETA

On September 1, 2012, the National Flying Club released more than 5,500 pigeons from Fougères, France, for a large international pigeon race. The birds had to attempt to fly hundreds of miles back to the U.K., including across the English Channel, where winds can be fierce and exhaustion means drowning, and only 622 pigeons reportedly made it back home. The rest, some 89 per cent, are believed to have perished. This is just one example of the enormous number of casualties documented during PETA’s heartbreaking investigation into the secretive world of pigeon racing in Britain.

Our investigators went undercover at multiple races across Europe and gained access to all major British pigeon-racing organizations. Everywhere we turned, the findings were the same—most birds who are entered into pigeon races never make it home. Click here to…

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3 Responses to “Graveyard Races: A PETA Undercover Investigation”

  1. ferguselley Says:

    Check out my blog at for a more accurate account of pigeon racing.

    I hope that you don’t block your comments like PETA have on Youtube. What happened to free speech there!!

    When you get to my site, read the post titled ‘One step closer to the grave for PETA, or just another brick in the wall!’

    Cheers, fergie, nz.

  2. Dr Glen Hepker Says:

    Great stuff, glenn62…thanks so very much for sharing your splendid work!

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