URGENT: Ask German Valley, Illinois, to Ditch Cruel Event

Our Compass


Pigs are social, intelligent, loyal, and highly sensitive animals who enjoy communicating with each other, making nests, and relaxing in the sun. But on Saturday, June 8, the village of German Valley, Illinois, has scheduled a “Pig Scramble” event to take place during its German Valley Days festival. Such events typically involve frantic groups of people chasing, grabbing at, and tackling terrified pigs confined to pens lined with screaming crowds. Being trucked to and fro and subjected to the violence and general chaos of these events is a horrific and hazardous ordeal for the pigs, who often sustain severe injuries such as broken limbs and backs. PETA has asked organizers to replace this cruel activity with any number of humane alternatives, but to no avail. We need your help today!

Please politely urge the festival’s organizers to cancel this cruel event. And please, spread this alert far and wide!

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