Invasive surgery conducted on conscious greyhounds

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From correspondence I received relative to this issue.  I still believe it is imperative to express that NO animals should be used:

“I appreciate you checking with us before making up your mind. The research mentioned in the Humane Research association’s website was conducted prior to 2004, the University of Newcastle has not used dogs in research for more than 10 years.”


In a recent study(1) conducted by researchers at the University of Newcastle, greyhounds underwent invasive and distressing surgery without general anaesthetic or any form of sedative.

This experiment was conducted in an attempt to further explore the body’s stabilising mechanisms for maintaining blood pressure in relation to bronchial circulation in the lungs (baroreflex).

The first part of the procedure involved the twelve greyhounds having pulsed Doppler blood flow transducers (a medical device for measuring blood flow) surgically implanted on the right bronchial artery.

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