Seaweed Seeded Crackers

In Search of Golden Pudding

seaweed seeded crackers

I haven’t previously cooked a lot with chia seeds.  Sure, I put them in muesli, and bread, but I haven’t really got into making breakfasts and desserts using their amazing mucilaginous qualities (great word that!)

Enter these crackers.  I was after something yummy with a bit of crunch that would meet the requirements of school, scouts etc regarding allergies…and boy do these fit the bill!

Firstly they are vegan, egg-free and dairy-free, and could easily be gluten-free too if you substitute gluten-free flour for the small amount of wholemeal flour in them.  More importantly, they’re absolutely delicious – crisp, tasting of toasted seeds with a touch of the sea, and fantastic with dips, cheese, or by themselves.

The initial mixture looks like an unattractive runny gruel, and doesn’t seem like it will ever be remotely spreadable; but after 20-30 minutes of the chia seeds doing their thing, it becomes…

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