Years of oppressive ‘abnormal’ society ‘norms’ leads us to violence

~ Active Vegan ~

Societies social ‘norms’ are in complete conflict with nonviolence. This is a major concern for those who have attempted to heal the world through passive nonaggressive actions. Just in one day – I have rubbed shoulders with so many people who are unwilling to listen, learn or educate themselves, even though comprehensive material was given to them at no cost whatsoever. The absolute refusal, to have an open mind about a topic pivotal to the progress of the future of nature herself, shows a society indoctrinated with stubborn will to make no attempt to understand what it means to make life liveable for sentients. The matter of ‘inconvenience’ is always the answer – but at who’s expense and at what cost does that ‘inconvenience’ to change come?  Is often a question that they are unable and refuse to relate to. That is concerning. It is concerning that the human want’s change but is not prepared to work toward that goal in order…

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